Trying something new

This year we decided to send our daughter back to public school.

For the past 4 years we were homeschooling her. Well more or less she was doing school online.

We have many reasons for putting her back into public school. Such as since we moved it is a good way to meet people. Whether those people are the kind of friends I would like her to make remains to be seen. Also high school for us didn’t work at home. She wasn’t motivated to do it and with the changes we had last year I was so tired of fighting with her to do it. She needs a change of pace. 

We moved to an acreage outside of a very small town. Our church is in the city, however although we love our church family there is really no one her age. They are either a lot older or a lot younger. So here we sit.

I must admit I have mixed feelings about this. I really did love having her at home most of the time. lol  However she really needs to spend time with people her own age. 

So today in this household we had some big changes. 

New school/ New grade

new phone pics september 296

First time bus ride

new phone pics september 303

I took this pic kind of hiding behind the curtain. After all I didn’t want to make her look not cool. ha

Looking forward to a fresh new school year!!

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