Father’s Day

Yep I know it is long past Father’s Day but as I was sitting at my computer tonight these pics of our children popped up and I knew I had to share them with you. 

My very handsome hubby and I have 3. Two boys and a girl. (side note we are hoping to expand our family) Our boys are grown and moved out and we just have our ‘baby’ at home. She turned 16 last March.

This summer the boys came home for Father’s day, and although my handsome hubby was away working, the four of us had a great time.

I decided to grab my camera in hopes of getting a good pic to frame for Dad’s day. It didn’t quite work out that way. I couldn’t get the setting on my camera right. (reason 12536 why I need to take a course. LOL) However I did manage to capture some fantastic expressions and moments that totally capture each of their personalities.

camera pics 2808

So lighting is terrible and I cut off a hand or two. Oops. But look at these faces. 🙂

camera pics 2822

Obviously my oldest is a bit of a dare devil. He makes hubby sick when he does stuff like this. Me..I just smile and grab a camera.

camera pics 2851

They are always wrestling. And Sarah always tries to get in on it. Now that she is older she is a bit tougher to ignore. But still…

camera pics 2859

I love this one even though it is terrible quality. She looks so triumphant even though she is on the bottom of the pile.

camera pics 2864

I was trying to get them to do something fun and action filled for the camera. This is just one of many. Again their faces crack me up.

camera pics 2866

Then they each had to have their turn being crazy. Here is Matt’s turn.

camera pics 2867

Sarah’s turn.

camera pics 2872

And Brandon’s. Love how it generally is all the same pose.

camera pics 2908

And of course the classic Tebow.

camera pics 2911

Their faces of this one!!!

camera pics 2924

Crackin me up!!! They must get their craziness from their Dad. It could never be from me… hahahaha

camera pics 2950

It’s hard to see her face on this one. But…

iphone pics 771

This one perfectly describes Sarah. Love it!! side note it was also on my Instagram if you follow me you would have seen this one already.

iphone pics 786

Then we went inside and I tried to get them to spell out Dad. We weren’t very successful as they kinda thought I was nuts. But still you sorta can see where I was going with this.

Again I really do apologize for the poor picture quality, but oh I love those faces and those beautiful human beings that call Rob and I Mom and Dad.

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