Journey to find the fitter me.

Since I’ve had my babies I’ve always been the shall we say plump.
Before my bundles of joy I weighed 130lbs and 5’6″.
Now not so much.

A few years ago I decided I was sick of being sick. So I started googling. I read up about celiac disease and was stunned how many boxes I checked off.
I wasn’t to keen on getting the test done which could have ended up with me getting a small biopsy of my intestine. So I read up more and more on it. I found out that if I could eliminate the foods that I believed were causing the problem and see what happened. The kicker was I needed to do this for at least 8 weeks to make sure it was all out of my system. Ugh

So I tried it out. About 4 weeks in I noticed I wasn’t gassy anymore. 6 weeks, I noticed I had more energy, by 8 weeks I was sold I kicked gluten to the curb.

Along with a healthier version of my diet I managed to lose 30 lbs.
Then last fall happened.
We bought a house and moved provinces…in the middle of winter…with a teenage daughter…away from our two sons.
It was hard. Brutally hard. We were making a huge leap of faith that this is where we were supposed to be.
(side note to follow up on story later on is YES it was)
Anyway I started to eat poorly again. Pull out the comfort foods. And put on the comfort or not so comfortable as the case may be pounds.
I gained about half of what I lost back again.

This spring I attempted to lose it but with the wild spring/summer we had I found I stopped again.
Now however I am trying again.
This week I’ve walked 19km so far.
My feet and legs are definitely letting me know I’m out of shape.
And today I started a cleanse.
Now I will admit this has me a bit nervous. I’m not really a cleanse type of person. However my son and his girlfriend were home this weekend and they had done it and couldn’t believe the differences it made in them. So I figured I would give it a go.

Now you might all be wondering why I am sharing this with you.
I want to be accountable. I NEED to be accountable. Because honestly right now it’s hard. I don’t want to do this cleanse. I don’t want to walk another 5km. I just want to eat a chocolate bar and chill.
But I know that’s not what is good for me.
I need to be healthy again.
I need to be fit.
I need to treat my body like it’s the temple God designed.

So here I am. Virtually at day 1.

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