One advantage/disadvantage (depends on who you look at it I guess), of having my girl back in public school full time is I am left to look after her dog every day. Her very energetic 10 month old puppy. I have discovered that the only way to get anything done is to tire her out good first. So every morning we go for a walk. Now some of them have been small and some times I have skipped them and paid the price, however this week I decided that the exercise would be very beneficial to both of us. So away we have gone.

Camera sept 142

I also discovered Monday an app I had forgot about on my phone called Map my Walk. This little thing GPS’s me and tells me how far I have gone, how fast and how long overall it is taking me.

I am loving this. I am definitely a goal setter so to see some actual progress in the form of how long I can walk or how much faster, etc is really beneficial for me.

I am also loving listening to worship music while I walk. This is something I have never done before. Oh sure I have listened to music, but I always thought the worship music I listened to would slow me down. Boy was I wrong. It uplifts me. I forget about how far I have yet to go, or how much my feet hurt. I get very immersed in the world around me. It is like my own personal connection with God while I am tiring out puppy and working out me.

I have noticed a huge change in me. Not body shape but mental shape. photo 1

I generally am calmer. More relaxed. Happier all around. (In spite of this cleanse and missing my chocolate. :()

photo 2

Plus I am enjoying my favorite season and all the beautiful colors that come with it.

photo 3

Plus I’ve got to see the harvest happening. Something that sort of just passed me by before as we lived in a small community instead of rural, like we are now.

Camera sept 225

I am finding it really is the little things.

Walking is doing something to me that I never really expected.

It’s making me appreciate my life more and making me happier with everything around me.

Camera sept 141

Now that is not to say my feet don’t ache, my legs are crying mercy and there are many moments when I wonder why I am doing this.

But for now this girl and I will just keep putting one paw in front of the other.

new phone pics september 224

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