2014 Life Changers

Well since we are currently almost to the end of the second week of 3 until hubby is back home, I’ve been busy tackling different areas of the house. Most of these I will share in later posts, however one thing that I have been doing is spending a fair amount of time in my office.

During this time I came across my 2014 Life Changers.

If you have followed my for any length of time you will know that this past New Year’s Eve, hubby, Sarah and I sat down and wrote out what our word of the year was to be, what we wanted to accomplish, what we needed to do and what we really wanted to succeed at doing this year.

So I thought for fun I would give you a quick recap of what mine looks like and what I’ve done,

My Word:


What I want:

Worry less of what People think of me

A good chunk of the adoption done

Spend more quality time with friends and family

Be more hospitable, open up our home more

Well this has been funny. I do worry less what people think of me as a whole. I am still shy and have a hard time pushing out of that shell, but I am working on it. Well the adoption switched when we had some huge difficulties going to the country we were very interested in so we switched instead to fostering. We take our courses in November and then we have a home study and we both need to take First Aid. Well the spending more time with friends and family and being more hospitable kind of went hand in hand as this spring/summer  found me with company pretty much every week or two.

What I need:

To increase my faith/strengthen my journey

To be more organized/follow through/plurge

Be more organized in schooling/crafts (do one pinterest craft a week)

To keep a cleaner home

Exercise and watch food intake/run about 7kms (I was a bit more specific onto where)

My faith and journey are getting strengthened but always, always need help. I am not sure if I am more organized or not. Still working on it. LOL Well the Pinterest crafts didn’t happen the way I had hoped. I probably made about 15. The home is well ready for company at any time so for me that is a plus. Haha The exercising and eating better I really failed at all year until very recently. We will see if I can finish the year strong.

What I will succeed:

Growing my faith/getting more involved in the new church /making a strong Church family

Reading through my bible

Organizing and plurging

Getting our finances in order (for the adoption)

Making our friends quilt by June

Writing more in my blog.

Well I didn’t really succeed in any of this. Although I did finish the top of the quilt and I am now journaling through my bible instead of just reading it. 

I guess I know what I need to focus on for the rest of the year. LOL

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