Wednesday in His Word

This fall a few ladies and I were doing a bible study together. During this amazing study I felt called to physically write out His Word.
I talked to them and another lady thought she would really like to join me in this.
But where would we start…
For me Psalms has always been a bit hazy. Lots and lots of people have told me it’s their favorite book. But for me…not so much.
So that’s where I decided to start.
I had a journal that my hubby had bought and never used so I grabbed it and started.


As you can see it’s not very pretty but it’s the right size as I wanted and since we all ready had it? Bonus.

So I opened up my bible and started.


Although in the beginning I said I would only write Friday, Saturday and Sunday (the 3 days that I wasn’t doing a different study) I found something out.
I started to crave it.
I started to actually hear and understand some if the Psalms.


I started in the beginning with one pen and soon realized I didn’t like it.
So I started over with this one.
Simple but beautiful easy writing tip.


Now many Psalms in I’m loving it.
It’s such a slowed down way of absorbing Him.


I’m now on the look out for more journals so I can write out all of His Word. One verse at a time.

What do you do to help you in your walk and journey?

P.S. Sorry about the poor picture quality. Taken on my phone with the light glaring down and making shadows.

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