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One Year

Today as I was busy buzzing around, getting my Christmas baking started and almost finished, taking my girlie to get her stitches out, I suddenly realized it was the 18th of December.

One year ago today we moved into our new home officially.

The weather was very similar to what it was today. Chilly, overcast, frost everywhere, slippery roads, but we loaded up the u haul, two vehicles and away we went.

It was a crazy long day with getting up early, packing, packing, packing oh and did I mention packing the truck? HA, Then the 3 hr drive, throw a supper in there, get here, unpack, unpack, set up some beds, put the food away, see our middle son back to Alberta and we crashed.

We then spent numerous days moving some more until finally I called a halt until after Christmas.

So much has happened this past year.

So much even at our little piece of paradise.

We moved around stuff, we tore down stuff, we’ve stained and fixed one deck, tore another one down and built a bigger, better one in it’s place. Stained that deck. Painted the whole top floor of the house and Sarah’s room twice. Cleaned up the yard and reorganized the location of some out buildings.

Then in June and July I had my parents here a good chunk. Plus we had a son move home for a couple months. September our girl went back to pubic school. ¬†October we lost our puppy and my hubby changed jobs. In November we finally officially started the training for our fostering after taking the first half of the year to realize that international wasn’t going to work for us right now.

Yes this year has been crazy. But to be honest other than a few set backs, I’ve been loving it. I love our house and it’s location. I’m loving getting to make some wonderful friends that previously I’ve only know in blog world.

We even met up with a wonderful couple in the foster courses that my handsome hubby used to work with. They live not to terrible far away.

All in all at the end of this year I still firmly believe God led us here. Even though we are now 2.5hrs away from our boys and I miss them terribly, I know this is where we need to be right now. I know in my heart that God is not done with us here.

Now I had meant to post pics of some of the changes that we’ve done here, but of course my USB stick wouldn’t load up. So maybe next time.

Until then I pray you all have a Very Merry Christmas!!!!!