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Not what I expected

Well I sat down this evening to write s post on some of my recent Pinterest pins, but for some reason I am unable to make that work on my mobile and I seem to be unable to get internet on my computer. (Might be time for a new one sweetie. wink wink. :))

Anyway I decided I would share these cute pics of how my puppy and kitty love each other. This is a pretty regular occurrence into house.
Oh the fun and games.
And is a -P standoff.





2015 Life changers

Well 2015 has arrived, and I can honestly say YES!!! I love the beginnings of the new year and all the exciting possibilities that each new year brings with it. I love the idea of a fresh slate and the idea of letting go of past hurts, mistakes, bad habits, bad relationships and moving onto something fresh and new.

Last year I decided to start something new for myself and that was to have a word of the year that I try to live by.

I blogged about it earlier this year in September.

Well I once again thought I would sum up 2014 and add my 2015 life changers.

So my 2014 word was: Perseverance.

I really believed for me this is one word I really needed last year. So much seemed to be a battle. We lost many family members and dear loved ones. We battled illnesses and loss throughout the year. I had no idea when the word was pressed on to me just how exacting it was.

So onto my life changers for 2014.

What I wanted: 

Worry less of what people thought of me.

A good chunk of our adoption done. (totally went a different way on this and now we are pretty much only two months from being finished.)

Spend more quality time with friends and family. (Family yes, as it was made a conscience choice to get together, friends part I struggled with but working on)

Be more hospitable, open up our home more. (this kinda cracks me up as for 5 months last year our home was the hub of activity)

What I need: 

To increase my faith/strengthen my journey. (oh ya huge steps here and huge step I can feel happening in 2015)

To be more organized/follow through/ purge (I am not sure if I was successful in this or not)

Be more organized in schooling/crafts/do one pinterest craft a week. ( Fail. However we did do probably 10 Pinterest crafts last year and they turned out awesome so I am happy with that)

To keep a cleaner home. (oh yea, way better than in the past)

Exercise and watch food intake (well I watched it enter my mouth, does that count? haha actually it wasn’t a bad year, just not an amazing one for well being)

What I will share:

My time with family/friends. (It was really good for quite a while and then I burned myself out and tuned myself away. Learning to be better at balancing.)

My faith. (I am more open with my faith now. I am determined not to hide and let Him shine through me)

What I will succeed:

Growing my faith/more involved in church/making a strong church family (I am working on this) Slowly but surely.

Reading my bible (YES)

Organizing and purging. (NO)

Getting our finances in order (ugh)

Making our friends quilt by June (fail)

Writing more in my blog (about the same)

Alrighty so after all that are you ready for 2015?!?!

My word is : Relationships

What I want:

To work on all my relationships and see them grow and prosper

To grow so much from this fostering

To let things go, not to stress over things that are minor or that I have no control over.

What I need:

To study my bible/ start journaling through it again.

To work on my prayer journal

To find out how to become more organized. Find something that actually works for me.

To succeed at our finances.

To change my body for the better.

What I will share:

My focus

My home

What I will succeed:

letting go and stepping out more.

Grow my Christian family

Writing more in my blog

To continue to craft/ expand my creativity

To become more ‘green’ – reduce, go back to some basics, healthier living, healthier food, better choices.

I am so pumped up for the new year. Although I will admit I have a bit of fear of the unknown, however I know with HIM by myself I can get through anything.

Happy New Year!!!!!