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My ladybug

I think insanity has hit this house hard this week. Lol

In Monday I got a call from SS. I presumed they were just doing their normal call. Checking to see how things were going. After all it’s only just over two months that we’ve had the girls. I mean there is no way that they would want to place another one with us. Would they? We are first timers. This is our first year. The girls are our first placement. 


I was wrong…

After the standard how are things going. She asked me if I felt we were at capacity. (Now as hard as it is to say I had to be realistic on what I can handle and it has been HARD), so I said yes we were.

She then said oh. Because the reason I’m calling is the girls birth mom just had another baby and we would like you to take her as well. 

Oh man. 

That was such a hard decision. 

We talked. We prayed. I asked for prayer. We asked our bio daughter who is 17. We really weighed it out. 

This was huge. Our girls were settling in. Calling us Mom and Dad. Pushing. Being normal. Being 3 and 1. Rob works away 2 weeks at a time. And then we were going to throw a brand new baby into the mix? 


We did. 

We said Yes!!! 

We brought home with us their sibling. 

We now have 3 under 4. 

I’m now a mom to 6. 

And truth be told I’m loving it.

I’m exhausted. 

Hubby is exhausted. 

But I have such peace about this decision. 

So without further ado I would like to introduce our little bug “Drey”


2 months

Today marks two months since our littles have come to live with us. 

What a crazy, intense two months it has been. 

About 2.5 weeks ago our case worker called and asked how things were going. To which my husband and I both replied much better. They are starting to settle in. We had some rough patches but all in all things are finally smoothing out and going well. 

To which she replied; oh you must be getting to the end of the honeymoon. 

Afterwards both hubby and I looked at each other and said: “getting to the end of the honeymoon?” You mean this was the easy part? Well two days later we found out. Yep it had been easy compared to what we/I would go through next. 

A few days later hubby had to go back to work for his 2 weeks and I can tell you in all honesty, Oh my goodness!!! 

It was an intense, hard, go crazy, bawl, drink wine, kind of two weeks. I cried more than I thought possible. I asked for prayer, upon prayer, upon prayer. I messaged a friend and said pray, I’m ready to make the call to say I can’t do this anymore and I know deep down this isn’t what I want. But Lord help me, I can’t handle much more. She prayed. My bible study ladies prayed, friends prayed and I prayed. 

And prayed. 

And prayed. 

And prayed. 

Then He answered. 

He came in. 

He calmed me. 

He calmed her.

Peace entered this house again. 

Calmed ensued… Sorta. I mean one is almost 22 months and the other will be 4 in sept. 😊

I can tell you honestly from this chair right now, this is so much harder than I ever thought possible. 

It’s brutal. 

It’s exhausting. 

It’s lonely. 

It’s humbling. 

It’s completely without one single doubt, absolutely worth it.

I know also without a doubt I’m so glad we did this. 

I can’t imagine life without them now. (Even if realistically I will have to one day). 

They brighten my days. 

They stretch my heart. 

They have simply become “our girls”. 
I hope to write more soon and really introduce you to our girls. Hopefully I can take moment  soon and do just that. 

In the meantime here is a little teaser. And if you want more follow me on Instagram at dirtdiva17.