Monthly Archives: October 2015

6 months!!!

Last week on the 15th we passed our 6 month anniversary with the girls I’ve since spent a lot of time looking at them and revelling in our far we’ve come. How much they’ve changed and how much we all have grown together. 

It hasn’t been easy. Not even a little tiny bit. But to have those little arms wrap around you and tell you I wuv wu mommy is definitely worth it. 

6.5 months ago we were happy. Life was calm. Our baby was finishing up grade 11. We were alright. 

In the last six months our lives have been turned upside down and shaken not stirred. 

It’s been super crazy. 

It’s been very very very challenging. 

We’ve dealt with loss. We’ve dealt with grief. We’ve dealt with things that no child should ever have to deal with. 

But we are slowly healing and slowly becoming a family. 

Each week seems a tiny bit easier. A tiny bit more doable. 

In these last 6 months I’m astounded by how I’ve changed. I didn’t even have a clue before. I had no idea how broken I would become. How many tears I would shed, happy ones, sad ones and a huge pile of frustrated ones. 

Now our home is filled with laughter, little girl giggles, potty training, cartoons, toys, snacks, drinks, hugs, sibling arguments, joy, silliness, and way more love than I thought possible. 

6.5 months ago I had no idea what I was getting into. But I also had no idea what i was missing. 

I had no idea part of my heart was missing.