Catching up

There is so much swirling around in this slightly greying, one brown haired, head of mine. It’s hard to believe I haven’t been on here since the end of October. 

We’ve been busy. And by busy I mean crazy, intense, no fun at all busy. 

I had made up my mind in Jaunary I was coming back to this little piece of paradise. Now here it is the 12th and I’m finally stopping in to say Hi. 

In NOVEMBER we took a mini holiday with all three of our foster daughters, plus our 17yr old bio. Let me tell you this it was nuts. Terrible roads = a very unhappy Daddy. Good to know for future crazy ideas I get. Lol

I was also privileged enough to be able to welcome home friends of ours whom just adopted their 4th China angel. That makes child number 6 for them and what a glorious big family they are. They are my homework to keep me sane resource and I love them to bits. 

December saw us busy with crafts, Christmas and renos. Handsome hubby took off from the 23rd to the 11 of January. It was amazing!!!!! 

Now here we in January. Renos are still happening. Chaos is still running free reign. We are still parents to three beautiful foster daughters whom I love do much. 

Seeing the world through their eyes has definitely been life changing for me. 

This is a crazy journey. Brutal ups and downs. Brokenness abound and yet…the love is endless.

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