These past few days I’ve come to a very surprising revelation to me. I’m starting to feel normal. Like having these 3 sweet girls with us is starting to not just become easier but it’s starting to feel routine. 

It’s starting to get so much easier to feed everyone, to get baths done, bedtime done, even disclipine  done. In fact I’ve even started to homeschool some preschool for our little “Raven” ( cyper named picked as when I typed in mine and hubbies name this was one of the names it generated).

Quite simply we’ve become a family. 

Now that’s not to say like every family we don’t have our share of difficulties, and I presume like most families with children from traumatic backgrounds, we have copious amounts of challenges. Anywhere from total complete write off days to maybe just a bad hour. 

We deal with the normal temper issues, the normal two year issues, plus some FASD. Plus some very serious hard memories. Hard habits to break. Some hard pasts to have to live with. 

One of the new fun things we are doing here is the pre school. I’m actually having fun searching out on line and “teaching her letters, and numbers. She is such an incredibly bright young lady so she is picking it up fast. That is when she’s not being stubborn about it. Lol

I can see her excelling in school and in fact handsome hubby and I were talking about and can fully see her becoming her dream of being a doctor.

I’m also loving the way the 3 littles “play” together. Now that Lily is on the move the girls toys are fair game. This has made for some interesting moments and lots of lessons on patience and sharing. 

All in all though these 3 have worked their way into our hearts. Next month some big decisions are being made so we would love love love some prayer regarding that and the very real huge impact it could have on us all. 

Playing quietly and at one point even “talking” to Jesus. 

She is so rarely still this little one. Her emerging sense of humor is cracking us up.

This one never wants to be to far from me. She kept following me into the bathroom while I was cleaning. Silly girl.
Oh an I forgot in all this excitement to let you all know we managed to buy my last tummy baby her grad dress. Where has the time gone?!

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