Monthly Archives: March 2017

Some days

Some mornings I just have to chuckle.
So u have to tell you about my morning thus far. 
I get the girls breakfast.  I sit down to catch up on fb. ( I try to do my Bible study before I get out of bed. This morning i especially successful!)

Anyway sit catching up on stuff. Girls are done and come for cuddles.  

Shortly after tank wakes ups. 

Still all normal right.  Lol well around here is when my mind takes a break.  
I cuddle tank and give her a bottle while I send S to get dressed.  
I decided I needed to make myself a cup of hot chocolate as I have enough for one pot of coffee left and I’m saving it. 

Put the kettle on.
I remembered I needed to do laundry as we are doing a mini trip this weekend. So I start by gathering up the towels in the kitchen. Walk to the bedrooms to gather up the ones there. Decide to make my bed while I’m there.

Walk to bathroom to gather up the ones from the girls. By then S is dressed and I lift her over the gate. I gather up the towels and put then in the washing machine. Even turn it on. Score!!

I walk out and send C to get dressed. I walk into the kitchen and get the breakfast dishes in the dishwasher and start it. About here I realize I never made my hot cocoa yet. I laugh, grab a mug and measure the hot cocoa into it. 

Then I’m reminded tank needs a diaper change and to also get dressed for the day. Off I go and meet C showing me her outfit. 

I change tank and walk back out thinking I had better make a list of all the things I need to get done today or I will forget and be scrambling.  

In the kitchen again to make list.

List is made and I start to look around. Oh diffuser needs cleaned. Grab it, clean it put it back away. Think I should put in some sort of energizing oil in as I’m tired and can’t seem to focus.

Think really wish I could have that cup of coffee.  

Than and only than do I realize that I still haven’t made my cup.of cocoa.  Yep, cocoa powder in cup.  Boiled water in kettle and an hour later I still hadn’t combined them.

That’s when I start to write this post.  
On a side note still haven’t made that cup yet. 

Also while writing this post I stopped 5 times to talk to the girls.  Once about sharing and the rest exclaiming over their creations.  Also went and rescued tank from kitty litter.
Oh the realities of my life.  Lol

Some days…
Now I’m off to start the kettle to boil the now cold water again and once again try to make that cup of cocoa.