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What I could be doing….

First off let me say it has been a year of craziness. We’ve had so many twist and turns this year I feel like I’ve been on a roller coaster. 

I’ve tons of posts in my head and promise I’ll update you all soon. 

But for now I’ll give you the quick version on our little butterball. We found out the beginning of June that she would be available for adoption, we inquired to see if she would be able to be adopted by us but we were turned down. Long story which I won’t go into right now. Suffice to say we are devistated and are trying to make the best if our time remaining. Which we have no idea how long that will be. 


So today while I have a list a mile long. The bigger littles are outside playing. Our little butterball has fallen asleep while we cuddled. 

So while I should be putting her done for her nap, I’m intend choosing to embrace this. Choosing to embrace the snuggles of this sweet baby whom I love so much. Choosing to soak up every second, every memory, every embrace, before they are gone.
Today, or at least for now, I’m ignoring the mess in exchange for the sweaty cuddles. 


its 3:30am and our little ms ‘Grace’ has decided that she needs to stay up tonight, so I thought I should really fill everyone in on what’s happening around here. 

For those of you who don’t already know, 3 weeks ago tomorrow we had to say good bye to our little ladybug. She went back to live with the birth mom. 

Things around here have been so different. We are missing out bug something fierce. 

My sweet caro asks about her all the time, and talks about her continuously.  It’s such a hard concept to tell a not yet 4 yr old who already has had so much disruption and so much loss in her little life that her sister won’t be leaving here no more. I know she doesn’t completely understand, but let’s me honest neither do I, why she is loving somewhere else. 

Now before I go any further, I advocate birth families to stay together, IF, it’s in the best interest of the child. I DON’T believe it is ALWAYS in the best interest of the child. I believe that way to many times children are placed with blood simply because they are blood. 

Now back to little ms ladybug. 😊

As I said tomorrow marks week 3 since we said goodbye. Which also means that we have now been without her the same amount of time that we got to love on her. 

It’s hard to believe that she was only with us 3 weeks. We all fell head over heels and are completely broken that she is no longer with us. 

I haven’t posted before this simply because the words were still so raw. 

This Foster thing is brutal. All of it. Everything. 

The placement: because that means that the family that the child was living with is no longer a good place for them. 

The beginning adjustment or the honeymoon: because everyone is just getting to know one another. For us, the girls were our first placement. It was rough on so many levels. They were broken, and I was lost. 

The new normal. After the honeymoon wears off: oh man this was like someone flipped a switch and all I could think off was could I have the honeymoon stage back. Lol

Then life: because let’s be honest, no matter how awesome it is and it can be pretty flipping great!! One is still dealing with loss, grief, hurt, attachment, brokenness. We for the most part are dealing really well. The girls have settled in and life is pretty freaking great. Now we don’t have visits, we don’t have any of that kind of hard stuff. 

Then there comes a time when they will move on. And either you will be ok with the move or not. 

For us we questioned this move. A LOT!!! We were not ok with it. But let’s me honest we don’t have a tremendous amount of say. So we pray. A LOT!!  We grieve. A LOT!!! This is far from easy. For me (a mom who has 3 miscarriages) it feels very similar. Like my baby was taken away from me. I know that sounds crazy and very few people will understand. In fact many will think well at least you only had her for a short amount of time. Others still believe well you don’t really get that attached, because after all you aren’t even their mom. This has been hard. Very hard. I am her mom. I still feel like her mom even though BM is now raising her. My arms feel empty and my heart cries from the pain of the loss. I look at pictures and love on her beautiful brown eyes. I pray she is happy and snuggling her BM. I pray she doesn’t have to cry and that she never feels alone. I also pray she is done missing me. That she is fully bonded with BM again. I pray this simply because I know that is what is best with her. Even though I sit here in tears thinking about it. 

Oh my sweet bug, we miss you so very much. You brought much sunshine into our life’s. Your sisters ask about you all the time and we constantly show them pictures of you. You are the background on my phone and my arms ache to hold you again. Know sweets that we all love you so very much. We all pray you are doing very well. We all wish you the very best and happy growing up even if we are not part of it. 

Love you my “Drey”. 


To my girls birth mom

Ever since these precious girls of yours have come into my care, I find I can’t stop thinking about you. 

I wonder about your story. 

What hand life has dealt you. 

What choice you have made from those dealings. 

I wanted to share a few things with you, even though I know we may never even meet. 

I wanted to tell you some things about your girls you may not know. 

Sweet “caro” is a fire cracker. Her has such a strong resilient heart. Her life has been upheaval after upheaval, and yet she still manages to laugh and make others laugh around her. She’s a caretaker. She loves to watch over “Grace” and loves, loves, loves her baby.

She is smart. Very smart. And her hearing is impeccable. (Unless of course she is choosing not to hear you, lol). She speaks so well and her comprehension is amazing. 

She also is stubborn and a tad headstrong. Those can be good qualities as she will more than likely need them later on. 

She loves to sing. All the time. She also loves to make up stories, about anything really. Her imagination cracks me up. 

I love being able to watch her be a little girl. Watch her play with toys and watch her skip and dance. And sing the putter fly song or the songs we sing before bed. 

She is a bit of a picky eater and I believe it’s her way of trying to control the situation. One moment she loves it, the next it’s the worst food ever.  

She decided shortly after coming to live with us that she wasn’t going to nap any longer and since then I believe she has only had about 4 naps. 

We are talking play school and maybe gymnastics or dance in the fall. She begs to go to school with Sarah. So I think she is ready for more interaction. 

She loves the water. Like crazy loves the water. Doesn’t mind playing in the sand either, but would way sooner be out swimming. 

I’d be crazy not to mention those toes. Oh man those toes that she can spread out like fingers, and does, ALL THE TIME! I swear she could eat with those toes. 

Your little Grace. 

Oh man stubborn doesn’t begin the describe that girl. It’s her way or the highway, which you can imagine causes some grief between her and Caro. 

She will eat almost anything. Her chubby cheeks show her love for food. 

Oh how she loves her big sister. And her baby as well. I love watching her “mother” her dolly. 

Although she is stubborn, she is also very sensitive. Her temper tantrums include crying instead if screaming. 

She is starting to put words together and in fact said her first sentence the other day. 

She has a love/hate relationship with our dog. She is never sure is she wants to hug and kiss her or scream because the dog walked by her. 

She HATES the sand. We have to either place her directly in the water or out a towel down with a pail of water for her to play in. 

She has the best bed head EVER!!! 

Some of her words right now are of thankum, pwease, done, wawa, and elp. 

She’s going to be tall as she is almost 3 feet already and won’t be two for a month and a half. 

She loves shoes. Like loves loves loves shoes. 

She still likes her sleep and is great about going to bed for nap time. 

She is very shy and withdrawn and it takes her a very long time to come out of her shell. But once she does, her smile is amazing. 

Everyone comments in her gorgeous brown eyes and her adorable chubby cheeks. 


Oh my sweet Drey. 

What a cutie poototie. Everyone is falling for her. 

She has crazy long fingers, like longer than the palm of her hand long. 

And those toes, just like her big big sister. 

She also has Grace’s chubby cheeks. 

She is a very happy baby and loves to held. ALL THE TIME. Lol 

She is eating really good and enjoying the milk that you gave her. 

Her sisters adore her to bits and always want to kiss her and touch her and hold her. If anyone asks Caro, she says she’s my baby, mine and Graces. 

She is definitely the center right now. 

Most of all, I want to say thank you.  Thank you for choosing life to these miraculous girls. Thank you for not ending their lives before they had begun. 

I’m am beyond humbled to be a part of their life’s. They fill me up, in a way I didn’t even know was empty. 

I laugh at Caro’s singing and crack myself up over Grace’s dance moves and are mesmerized my Drey’s eyes. 

Like I said I don’t know your story. But hopefully you know more about our girls now. 

Know, that they are very much loved. 

Know, that they are very much cared for. 

Know, they are a part of our family forever now, no matter what happens. 

Know, so are you.